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Histoires de Philosophies (Stories of Philosophies) is a philosophical essay without words, a collection of two minute animated films featuring famous philosophers from different eras.

Each film is composed of two parts,
each of which presents a philosopher reacting to the presence of an object in the manner of his well-known philosophical vision.

To stick to the essential, the black line drawings move accompanied by simple sound effects, in a white universe remini-
scent of a virgin page – a space where ideas take shape.


Diogenes of Sinope, Friedrich Nietzsche, Sextus Empiricus,
René Descartes, Emil Cioran, Gottfried W. Leibniz,
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Plato, Jacques Derrida



12 x 2 minutes
Black and white
Ink + graphite + painting
Traditional + computer animation


Damien Cuypers and Benoît François were both born in
a hospital... in France... in 1983... from « the Heights of Despair » they happily slalom between art, philosophy, drawings...




Adam Edwards • Alexander Brown • Alexander Roberts
Alexandre Hamelin • Alexandre Viault • Ali Bilal
Amanda Walloga • Aniela Pepe • Babeth Lafon • Ben Wong
Benjamin Sommerhalder • Bill Bonwitt • Brandy Burnett
Brendan Myers • Carleen Henderson • Caroline Dall'Ava
Charles Young • Chris Enstad • Clarissa Redwine
Claudia Stahl-Kottsieper • Clément Fourny
David Grossman • Emanuele Lami
Florent Thomas-Penette • Genevieve Clifford
Gregory Chevalley • Helmut Dansachmüller
Jackie Henrion • Jackson Lynch • James Michael Gentile Jason B. Scott • Jay V. Schindler • Jillian May
Joan Sartori • Jon Leland • Joseph William Arnold
Jud Wellington • Julie Wood • Kai Trepte
Kerry Vaughan • Lea Kottsieper • Lisa Guedel-Dolle
Lise Paillet • Liz Cook • Lucia Dos Santos • Marisa Erven
Marissa Demers • Megan Matta • Michal Rosenn
Mike Martin • Mischa Coster • Mrzyk & Moriceau
Muriel Lafabregue • Natalie Ung • Nicolas Izambard
Paolo Polesello • Patricia Dolle • Peter Hershey
Pierre-François Gerard • Rachel Massas • Ruben Brunelot
Sally Mclaren • Sandrine Nugue • Spencer Tweedy
Stefan Winkler • Stephen Chiu • Stephen Rose
Sune Bøegh • Te Fred Chen • Tetsuya Ishibashi
Thierry Chancogne • Thomas Cavazos • Tieg Zaharia
Trey H. Butler • Valentina Ventimiglia • Vincent Desfonds
Véronique Meunier • Wendy Cooper • Yaele Simkovitch
Yoann Bertrandy • Élise de Terlikowski